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PEAK Mileage Capture is simple, effective and fair way to ensure your mileage claims are completely accurate.  The PEAK system will ensure accuracy is paramount and will safeguard employers and employees by allowing the exact amount of mileage travelled to be claimed, not a mile more or less. Our GPS systems have been designed with privacy as the foundation meaning that private journeys remain just that…Private

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Key Features of PEAK Mileage Capture Systems

[list-ul type=”check”][li-row]Perfect for grey fleet[/li-row][li-row]Totally secure and all data private[/li-row][li-row]Suitable for any type of driver[/li-row][li-row]Drivers can hide personal journeys[/li-row][li-row]Compliant with HMRC requirements[/li-row][li-row]Reduce or eliminate over estimation[/li-row][li-row]No more pape[/li-row][li-row]Tried and tested with over 36,000 users[/li-row][li-row]Special public sector pricing[/li-row][/list-ul]

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Accurate and Compliant Mileage Expenses for the Public Sector!

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[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”PEAK Google” icon_name=”icomoon-google”]The PEAK Google System effectively has google maps built in so that users can look up start and end addresses based on post codes. The distance is then selected and added to the claim. This ensures accuracy, compliance and consistency. It also saves a lot of time.[/iconbox][iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”NO Paper” icon_name=”icomoon-google”]The PEAK systems are all completely paperless; all mileage records are kept in our secure databases, hosted in the UK. There is no need to print any data from our system as all information can be retrieved using a secure authenticated log-in[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”PEAK GPS” icon_name=”icomoon-location-2″]The PEAK GPS system uses our GPS Trip Stick or a Smartphone App to record business mileage. It is completely secure removing any private trips and creates a fair and accurate overview of the actual mileage claimed. It’s also very quick taking only 5 minutes a month[/iconbox][iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”NO Big Brother” icon_name=”icomoon-eye-7″]No Big Brother. Your drivers and employees need not worry about our GPS systems, this is not black box tracking it is a simple, fair an effective way of collecting business only mileage. Any private journeys are kept 100% private. This policy will never change![/iconbox]
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Mileage Claims For Any Situation

Whether you are looking for a manual claim using post code look up or a GPS claim using our patent pending Trip Stick or IPhone app the PEAK system is perfect for any type of user.

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The PEAK Mileage Capture Trip Stick - Our Award Winning GPS Dongle

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