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PEAK Mileage Capture Pricing

Explore all of our awesome plans.  Pay monthly, pay up front, you decide

[distance type=”4″][callout title=”Special Offer” button_text=”Take Me There” button_link=”http://www.peakmileage.com/landing/product/peak-trip-stick-plus-12-months-access-peak/” text=”Sign up to PEAK for 12 months and get a GPS Trip Stick (dongle) plus 12 months access to PEAK for just £99 plus VAT (includes free shipping)”][distance type=”4″]
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[distance type=”4″][doublepromo title=”Pay up Front or Pay Monthly” last=”false” text=”Our Flexible pricing means you have the opportunity to pay up front or pay monthly. We can set up a direct debit or alternatively we can arrange for the payments to be taken from your credit card or PayPal account.” img=”5449″ img_alt=”pay up front”][doublepromo title=”12 Month Warranty” last=”true” text=”All of our GPS trip sticks come with a 12 month warranty. Should it stop working or malfunction within this period we will replace it free of charge. This does not include events where it is damaged to carelessness.” img=”5446″ img_alt=”12 months warranty”][doublepromo title=”Money Back Guarantee ” last=”false” text=”If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied with the PEAK system then let us know and we will refund your money in full.” img=”5447″ img_alt=”money back”][doublepromo title=”UK help and support” last=”true” text=”Our team is based in the UK and is on hand to help and support. Need held for anything from setting up your account to uploading your trips then we are on hand.” img=”5448″ img_alt=”uk support”][distance type=”3″][callout title=”Free Shipping on All Orders” btton_link=”#” button_text=”Sign Up Now” button_link=”http://www.peakmileage.com/landing/product/peak-trip-stick-plus-12-months-access-peak/” text=”Order our £99 Special Today – Trip Stick plus 12 months access to PEAK for just £99″]