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About The PEAK GPS IOS System

This solution uses smart phone technology (Apple) that can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store.  However, to get full use of this product across multiple users a subscription to the PEAK GPS account is needed.

This system is simple and means that when you are in your car or on your bike the user needs to just push the record button to start recording and again to stop recording.  Once the trip is recorded the app will up load the trip information to the driver’s unique log in.  When it comes time to submit a mileage claim the user can log into the PEAK website and review all their uploaded journeys before submitting their mileage claim.

Users can then also add the following:

  • Specific Vehicle used for the trip (Uses DVLA data)
    • Engine size of the vehicle and CO2 consumption for the journey;
  • Journey reason
  • Client or patient visited
  • Building/Customer visited
  • Notes

When a driver is satisfied with their mileage claim/report, they simply submit the report to their manager for approval and print off/download a copy for their own records. Reports can be downloaded directly to excel.

ios screen


The standard system allows for a claim to be submitted to an approver such as a manager.


Reporting – the system has 5 reports that come as standard with more in development

  • Full user report (shows all journeys undertaken by drivers for any chosen time period, it a detailed report that shows all the journey info required for many offline reports.
  • Non submissions report (shows users who have not submitted a claim for any given period(s)
  • Consolidated mileage report (this report is used by many companies as a payroll report.  It can also be exported from PEAK and imported into a payroll system)
  • High/low mileage report (shows the highest and lowest mileage drivers and a graph to show total miles across all drivers)
  • CO2 foot print report; (shows drivers who produce the most/least CO2 and also show the total CO2 across all driver)

Who should use PEAK GPS?

PEAK GPS is perfect for the regular traveller who drives often or anyone who is short on time and owns an iPhone to record their business journeys