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Are your mileage claims causing you a headache?

Not anymore!

Now they take just 6.2 minutes a month.

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About PEAK Mileage Capture

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The PEAK Mileage Expenses System is simple, accurate and compliant with HMRC requirements. Our patent pending GPS Trip Stick makes the mileage claim process a doddle. If you have just 1 car or many hundreds PEAK is ideal to help you get a grip on your mileage expenses once and for all.

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[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Quick – About 6.2 Minutes per month” icon_name=”icomoon-spinner-8″]The average time it takes one of our customers to make a claim is just 6.2 minutes per month. About the same time it takes to make yourself a cup of coffee[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Easy To Use and Setup” icon_name=”icomoon-support”]PEAK Mileage Capture has been built to be simple. It takes just minutes to set up your account and start collecting accurate and compliant mileage. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”HMRC Compliance” icon_name=”icomoon-medal”]Our system has been developed using advice from top accounting firms to ensure the process and system is compliant with HMRC requirements & legislation [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Dedicated to Mileage Expenses” icon_name=”icomoon-compass”]PEAK is for mileage claims only, no speeding, no driver behavior and no big brother. The PEAK system is simple and contains no unnecessary fluff.[/iconbox]
[distance type=”1″][quote title=”Testimonial” name=”Shirley Geraghty” name_sub=”Cambridge Consultants (South) Ltd” text=”I have been using the PEAK system for just over a year now and find it is an invaluable tool and so easy to use! I used to dread that end of year and having to work out my mileage. Now I update regularly and so there is no procrastination at the end of every year! A great tool for making life easier!”][distance type=”2″][line type=”1″][distance type=”2″]

The Basic PEAK System starts at just 99p per month with the GPS options starting at just £4.99 per month.  Book a demo now to find out more.

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[process proc_title=”Record” proc_text=”Record your journeys using the Trip Stick or Phone App” proc_icon=”icomoon-road”]
[process proc_title=”Upload” proc_text=”Upload your journeys to the PEAK Mileage Portal” proc_icon=”icomoon-cloud-upload”]
[process proc_title=”Review” proc_text=”Review your claim and add details such as clients and reason” proc_icon=”icomoon-numbered-list”]
[process proc_title=”Submit” proc_text=”Submit your completed claim to your manager, accountant or systems” proc_icon=”icomoon-user-7″]
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[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Simple Reporting” icon_name=”icomoon-stats”]We have a variety of simple reports for you to use. However you can also download your data into excel and simply create your own.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Any Size Fleet” icon_name=”icomoon-equalizer-3″]If you have just one vehicle or 1000 the PEAK system is right for you. The flexibility of PEAK means it can work with any sized organisation.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Mix Driver Types” icon_name=”icomoon-users-4″]There are 16 distinct ways to claim mileage. The PEAK system addresses each of them. Whats more you can use any combination within the same account[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Perfect for Grey Fleet” icon_name=”icomoon-car”]The PEAK system follows the driver not the car and will work in almost any car. This means that we can mange grey fleet just as easily as any other fleet.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Add Fuel Spend” icon_name=”icomoon-gas-pump”]Add all elements of fuel spend and accurately work out the salary deductions/rebates of your employees and drivers[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Fair for All” icon_name=”icomoon-shield-2″]Claim only for the miles you drive with no over or underestimated mileage. Its totally fair for driver and employer[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”CO2 Reporting” icon_name=”icomoon-cloud”]Calculate your CO2 emissions across your entire fleet or down to an individual driver and even an individual journey[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Smartphone GPS” icon_name=”icomoon-calculate”]Our GPS iPhone app can be used to track all your journeys. If you have multiple drivers then PEAK will create a consolidated payroll report.[/iconbox]
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Book a demo today and let one of our friendly team take you through the PEAK system

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[distance type=”1″][quote title=”Testimonial” name=”Kevin Salter” name_sub=”ICAEW IT Faculty” text=”This has to be a really useful product for anyone faced with keeping detailed mileage records – just plug it in and it does all the laborious work for you!!! Highly recommended.”][distance type=”3″][line type=”1″][ourclients title=”Some of the great businesses we have the pleasure of working with” client_images=”5276,5373,4849,4848,4847,4846,4845,4844,4843,4842,4841,4840″]

PEAK Mileage Capture

At just 6.2 minutes a month, it's the cure for your mileage headaches