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Useful & Flexible Reporting


[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Environment” icon_link_url=”#” icon_link_text=”Learn more” icon_name=”icomoon-cloud”]If you are looking for accurate CO2 reporting at the touch of a button then look no further than PEAK. Our CO2 report is accurate and takes just a few seconds to create.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Payroll” icon_link_url=”#” icon_link_text=”Learn more” icon_name=”icomoon-numbered-list”]Our reporting suite enables a payroll manager to download all the details required to create the monthly payroll to include accurate mileage records.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Detail” icon_link_url=”#” icon_link_text=”Learn more” icon_name=”icomoon-profile”]Our journey reports show each and every trip you have undertaken, the client you visited, car you were driving and all the distance and time details. [/iconbox]
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[h1 class=”extr”]Five systems to suit your every need[/h1]

[h5]The PEAK Mileage Capture system is the ultimate solution when it comes to your mileage requirements.  Offering 5 unique options aimed to cater for all types of users, mileage profiles and vehicle usage.[/h5][br]

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[h1 class=”extr”]Simple, Effective and Accurate[/h1]

[h4 class=”slight”]Our unique mileage capture systems have been designed from user feedback and expert guidance. The PEAK systems are simple, effective and compliant with HMRC requirments.[/h4]

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[icon name=”equalizer” size=”64px” color=”#e84a52″ link=””][h2]One System[/h2][h3 class=”slight”]Five Options to Suit Your Evey Neeed[/h3][distance2]
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5 Mileage Capture Options

standard options

This system is the most basic system of the PEAK systems.  All that is required is for the driver to use their unique log in sign into the PEAK website and build their claim.  The driver will need to input start and end post codes for their business journeys and then manually input the mileage for this journey

enhanced options

The PEAK Mileage Capture Enhanced System uses Google Mapping and DVLA Vehicle Registration data.  The user simply logs in to the PEAK website using our safe and secure process.  To build a claim the driver is only required to input start and end post codes (or address) for their business journeys.  We then run this through our journey tool using google mapping services to capture the distance of the journey


This solution uses smart phone technology (Currently Apple IOS) that can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store.  However, to get full use of this product across multiple users a subscription to the PEAK GPS account is reccomended.


Our flagship product uses patent pending GPS technology and a Trip Stick® to capture and report mileage.  The Trip Stick is easily installed by the driver into any car with a USB/12v supply and links to the powerful and intuitive online Mileage Expenses Portal.


The PEAK 3G Trip Stick will be the newest mileage solution in the PEAK family.  It will be as simple as plugging the Trip Stick into the USB or cigarette lighter port of your vehicle, once it is powered it will record your journeys and send them directly to your account daily.  The Trip Stick will be designed to just set and forget.  No need to upload.

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