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Plug in PEAK & gain control of your business mileage once and for all!


[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Proven” icon_name=”icomoon-diamond-2″]With more than 36,000 registered users PEAK is proven to work and used by businesses of all sizes from 1 user to 3500 users.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Simple” icon_name=”icomoon-star-3″]This is the simplest, easiest & most accurate mileage expenses tool available to your business, this month and every single month from now on.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Savings” icon_name=”icomoon-stopwatch”]PEAK pays for itself almost immediately in time and cost savings and it’s already saved British businesses millions of pounds.[/iconbox]
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Mileage Expenses | It’s THAT time of the month AGAIN

  • Claiming mileage is a very efficient way to claim for travel expenses.
  • But it’s a real chore for you and millions of others.
  • Every single month.
  • And one that can easily slip on to the back burner.
  • So you may end up missing out on a valuable tax rebate.

Or worse run the risk of HMRC investigation and fines with non-compliance

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Imagine if you could forget about your mileage expenses.

  • This month and every single month from now on.
  • And still make an accurate claim.
  • Whilst being fully compliant with HMRC.
  • With no more guess work.

PEAK is the answer…

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[process proc_title=”Record Trips” proc_text=”Use the PEAK GPS device to record your business journeys” proc_icon=”icomoon-location-2″][process proc_title=”Create Claim” proc_text=”Review your trips and enrich the claim” proc_icon=”icomoon-cloud-upload”][process proc_title=”Submit” proc_text=”Send the claim to a manager, accountant or your bookkeeper” proc_icon=”icomoon-file-check”][process proc_title=”Done” proc_text=”Done, thats it. On average it takes just 6.2 minutes” proc_icon=”icomoon-list-5″]
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The PEAK GPS System is a game changer.


In short the GPS system is placed in the cigarette lighter socket of your car and records all your business trips.

This means that when you need to submit your claim all your journeys are already created.

This ensures that it takes just minutes to create an accurate and compliant claim.

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Easily add details such as trip reason and client details

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[distance type=”2″][distance type=”2″][distance type=”2″][testimonial name=”Shirley Geraghty” img=”5373″ subtitle=”Cambridge Consultants Ltd.”]I have been using the PEAK system for just over a year now and find it is an invaluable tool and so easy to use! I used to dread that end of year and having to work out my mileage. Now I update regularly and so there is no procrastination at the end of every year! A great tool for making life easier![/testimonial][distance type=”2″][distance type=”2″][callout title=”Sign up: Just £99 for GPS Trip Stick and 12 months access to PEAK” button_text=”Sign up Now” btton_link=”#” text=”Then just £4.99 a month after the first year” button_link=”http://www.peakmileage.com/landing/product/peak-trip-stick-plus-12-months-access-peak/”]
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Key Features of the PEAK Mileage Expenses System

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[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Customer Support” icon_name=”icomoon-support”]We will guide through the process of setting up your account, your users and ensure you select the correct mileage parameters [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”HMRC Compliance” icon_name=”icomoon-medal”]Our system has been developed using advice from top accounting firms to ensure the process and system is compliant with HMRC legislation [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Uses GPS” icon_name=”icomoon-compass”]Whether you use our patent pending GPS trip stick system or our IPhone app you can be sure that our use of GPS means your trips are accurate.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Simple Process” icon_name=”icomoon-spinner-8″]PEAK Mileage System has been developed with one thing in mind… Mileage expenses. Our system is not cluttered with unused confusing fluff[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Reporting” icon_name=”icomoon-stats”]We have a variety of pre-made reports for you to use however you can also download your data into excel and simply create your own[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Any Size Fleet” icon_name=”icomoon-equalizer-3″]PEAK works equally well if you have one vehicle or a large team of company car drivers or grey fleet users. [/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Mix Driver Types” icon_name=”icomoon-users-4″]Regardless of the make-up of your fleet PEAK will work. You can have van drivers, company car drivers and own car users all on the same system[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Perfect for Grey Fleet” icon_name=”icomoon-car”]Unlike most GPS systems the PEAK system is fitted by the driver in the 12v cigarette lighter socket. That means it works in virtually any car.[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Add Fuel Spend” icon_name=”icomoon-gas-pump”]Add all elements of fuel spend and accurately work out the salary deductions/rebates of your employees and drivers[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Fair for All” icon_name=”icomoon-shield-2″]Claim only for the miles you drive with no over or underestimated mileage. Its totally fair for driver and employer[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”CO2 Reporting” icon_name=”icomoon-cloud”]Calculate your CO2 emissions across your entire fleet or down to an individual driver and even an individual journey[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”2″ icon_title=”Smartphone GPS” icon_name=”icomoon-calculate”]Our gps iPhone app can be used to track all your journeys. If you have multiple drivers then PEAK will create a consolidated payroll report.[/iconbox]

Unsure if PEAK is right for you! Book a demo today

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[distance type=”1″][testimonial name=”John Boast” subtitle=”www.televisioncameraman.co.uk/”]I initially thought a product like Trip Stick was only suitable for large fleets, however it’s been invaluable for my small operation. Being able to track my mileage, route and timings has saved me a lot of time at my invoicing stage to my clients; and most importantly a much more accurate measurement![/testimonial][distance type=”1″][distance type=”1″]

Sign up today… Just £99 for a GPS trip stick and 12 months access to all the features of PEAK

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