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PEAK Miles Is the Perfect Solution for Organisations With Grey Fleet Mileage Employees driving their own cars.


Private means Private

Your employees can hide their personal trips meaning no big brother issues or push back from your team.


Driver Install

No need for professional install, the user can simply plug the Trip Stick into their car in seconds.


Variable Mileage Rates

If you have different drivers on different mileage rates then PEAK is perfectly able to handle this variation.

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We built PEAK Mileage Capture to be Great Value and Without Big Brother


Grey Fleet drivers love the fact they can keep their trips personal and also love the way the Trip Stick follows the driver not the car meaning they can use alternative vehicles.


Why PEAK is Perfect For Grey Fleet PEAK has been developed with grey fleet in mind meaning you gain much of the benefit of telematics but without the need for installation or the “big brother” push-back from the driver's.

Grey fleet vehicles are notoriously difficult to manage and when it comes to mileage expenses the administration and audit of mileage can be a nightmare. That’s where PEAK comes in… We make it simple to record every business journey undertaken and ensure that all business miles are claimed “not a mile more or a mile less.”  The Trip Stick is installed by the driver and follows the driver regardless of the vehicle they are driving. It really is an awesome solution to manage your grey fleet mileage.

  • Claim all business miles, not a mile more or a mile less
  • Can be installed by the driver in just a few seconds
  • Follows the driver not the vehicle
  • Works in virtually any vehicle
  • Works with any mileage rates
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We regularly encounter businesses that have fallen foul of an HMRC investigation resulting in a request for unpaid taxes and a penalty that can equate to as much as £6,000 per driver per annum and HMRC can go back up to 6 years.  It’s not a difficult calculation to make, just ask yourself can your business afford this kind of payment and can you allow this to happen on your watch. PEAK can solve these issues almost overnight.

  • Create Compliant and Accurate Expenses
  • Sleep Easily at Night
  • Avoid a Huge Fine

Ever asked yourself if Grey Fleet is the most cost effective option? Let PEAK help you answer the question… Using real world mileage and vehicle data our consultants can compare the costs of grey fleet against alternatives such as lease vehicles, pool cars and rental.  For some drivers the savings could be staggering.

  • Compare Costs of Grey Fleet
  • Understand Areas to Unlock Savings