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3 simple changes
to save £34,000 per driver!

Our fleet audit will show you the way to success!


[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Compliance” icon_name=”icomoon-file-check”]Check your current mileage expenses process and documentation to see if it is compliant with HMRC requirments and legislation[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Overestimation” icon_name=”icomoon-stats-2″]We compare the actual journeys travelled against those that have been claimed. We often find overestimation of arround 22% per driver[/iconbox]
[iconbox type=”6″ icon_title=”Savings” icon_name=”icomoon-tags-2″]One of the key aims of the mileage audit is to show the potential savings that could be gained and to then point out the simple changes needed to see the savings.[/iconbox]
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[process proc_title=”Measure” proc_text=”Explore the current expenses process and documentation” proc_icon=”icomoon-profile”][process proc_title=”Analyse” proc_text=”Analyse the current process and claim detail for inefficiency ” proc_icon=”icomoon-search-2″][process proc_title=”Improve” proc_text=”Present recommendations to improve compliance and reduce cost” proc_icon=”icomoon-cogs”][process proc_title=”Control” proc_text=”Implement changes and check the efficiency of the changes” proc_icon=”icomoon-microscope”]
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uring 5 months in 2013 the Fleet Innovations team conducted nearly 60 mileage audits some of the results surprised us. We struggled to find one business where significant benefits could be gained by just a few simple changes.  For one customer our help was too late, he called us in after paying over £34,000 in fines and tax to HMRC for just one vehicle, just 3 simple changes would have prevented this.

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Some of our incredible findings


    • One customer in Hull saw the full ROI of the PEAK system in just 10 days
    • The same customer found one driver overestimated mileage by 3000% (yes three thousand)
    • A client in Chester saw overestimation drop from nearly 30% to virtually zero saving more than £2000 per driver per year.
    • One client in Swansea discovered a driver had claimed 32,000 miles than his car had travelled in 4 years.
    • A client in Dudley found that with one small change to their mileage form they could become HMRC compliant.

The mileage audit is a simple and refreshing review of your current processes to uncover the potential pitfalls you may be facing and to show you how to avoid them.  Along the way we can show you how much you will save as well.

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The Simplicity of the Mileage Audit


The Fleet Mileage Audit is simple and an incredibly effective way of understanding if you have unknown problems or opportunities within your business mileage expenses. The audit allows for an independent review of your employees mileage claims to uncover areas where HMRC compliance may need tightening and to see if any of your employees have been overestimating their mileage claims. As a result you will get a comprehensive review of your claims and a list of actions that need to be taken to improve, enhance and comply.

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[h1 class=”extr”]Its not Complycated[/h1]

[h5]One of the main elements of the PEAK mileage audit is to check for compliance with HMRC legislation.  Non-compliant expenses cost dearly and are often simple to fix by taking the right steps and implementing the right policies. [/h5][br]

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[h1 class=”extr”]Overstated or Over-Estimated[/h1]

[h4 class=”slight”]It is understood that around 25% of all business mileage is overestimated (take our survey to help us find out) Our audit will check previously submitted journeys and see if overestimation is present  as well as checking the validity of the claim process and documentation.  If we find areas of non compliance then we will assist in fixing these gaps and also demonstrate potential savings[/h4]

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