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PEAK Mileage Capture has been developed to allow quick, simple and accurate completion of business mileage claims using GPS technology.

The process to upload your trips from the mileage capture dongle is simple.  Please follow the steps in this guide and ensure all steps are complete before uploading your dongle and completing a claim.

What you should have received:

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PEAK Uploader App and Driver Install

  • Step 1: You now need to add the PEAK uploaded app and USB trip stick driver to your system: You can download the driver and the app in the my account menu labelled “download software”.
    Upload Data



Step 2: Plug in your Trip stick to your computer using the USB port.  Make sure the green light to illuminate and wait for your computer to fully install the driver.


Step 3: Click on the PEAK up-loader app icon.


Step 4: Log in using your username and password and when prompted upload your data to the PEAK website.


Step 5: Once the upload is complete you can clear your dongle.  However, we would suggest you check the PEAK website first to make sure the upload has completed.


Complete your Claim

  • Step 1: Once you have uploaded your data your claim is ready in a pending state for you to add journey detail.  To access your claim log in and go to pending claims.


Step 2: Click on view against the claim you want to complete.


Step3: Add all your detail and when finished click preview and submit to show the claim you are about to submit.


Step 4: If you are happy with the claim you can now press submit and it will be sent to your approver.


Congratulations you have completed your first claim.