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The PEAK Up loader App is a small software application (about 2.5mb) that is loaded on your computer.  The job of the app is to communicate with the dongle and to upload the mileage coordinates to our web servers.  You will need to install this application which means that some users may need to seek advice from their IT department or an IT professional.  The process is relatively simple and within the abilities of most computer users.

To download the latest version of the PEAK Application please go to “My Account” and click the link “Download Software”.


PEAK GPS App – click on “Download for Windows” or “Download for MAC OS”, whichever is applicable and save the ZIP File.


Save the App somewhere that you can easily find it like the Desktop.


Within WinZip (or similar) select the file to extract.


Select Extraction path (where you want to extract the file to) and click “Ok”.


Now double click on the file you have just extracted to start the installation.


You can proceed with installation of the program.




[highlight1]Have you downloaded and installed the USB drivers?  If not follow this link for a tutorial[/highlight1]