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How Does PEAK Mileage Work

PEAK could not be simpler to use and we have a variety of options to suit your needs.  Our most popular package uses our patent pending GPS Trip Stick which you simply place in your vehicle and it will record all your journeys.  At the end of the month just upload your trips to the PEAK web site and then go through them adding in info such as clients visited, reason for the journey and that’s it

The Simple PEAK  Process


What are the benefits?

The benefits of the PEAK system are quite varied and some of them very much depend upon your current situation and what you are likely to use PEAK for.  The key benefits that all

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Key Benefits for Small Business Owners:

As a small business owner you may only have one or two vehicles and not a lot of time for tasks such as mileage expenses.  The benefits for you can be sizable:

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  • Save Money: By estimation or not completing your mileage expenses you are throwing away cash.  20,000 miles is worth £7,000 and each mile could be worth 45p.  By not claiming your mileage you may as well throw it down the drain
  • Save Time: An accurate manual mileage claim takes about an hour a month which is nearly 2 full working days a year.  With PEAK its just an hour for a whole year.  We don’t mind how you spend this extra time just enjoy it
  • Protect yourself from HMRC fines: Poor quality records, incomplete, inaccurate, estimated, made up or fraudulent claims can result in a fine from HMRC.  Many of our customers have come to us after paying more than £20,000 per vehicle


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Key Benefits for Fleet Owners

As well as the points outlined above a large fleet can also benefit from other key features of PEAK.

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  • 24 hours set up: Because PEAK is installed by the driver you can roll out PEAK to your entire fleet in just a few short hours
  • Prevent overestimation.  Many fleets see overestimation drop by 25% meaning a big money saving
  • Simple reporting:  Need to report on sales, CO2, mileage, Payrol etc then PEAK is perfect for you.
  • No big brother: because users can hide personal trips there is no issue with privacy
  • Unlock other benefits: There are a whole variety of tax benefits and savings to be made from accurate mileage.  Speak to one of our experienced team today to find out more.
  • Safe and Secure:  PEAK has been built using the highest security standards meaning your data and privacy is safe and sound