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Yes, there is a better, cheaper and private way to figure out your mileage claims!

Productivity, mobility and flexible working are the buzz words for the way we do business today, and this means time-poor employees need to find ways to make what they do more efficient as they strive to improve their work/life balance. Mileage claims, for example: how many file these late, or not at all, simply because it’s so time-consuming to fill out the form? We have a solution we’d like to tell you about, Peak GPS mileage capture.

So, what is Peak GPS Mileage Capture?

The device looks like a car key or small flash memory stick, but is in fact a sophisticated piece of technology that you plug into your vehicle’s lighter socket or USB hub.

When installed Peak GPS Mileage Capture tracks your journeys. This means it grabs data about location, distance driven and such pertinent information. It gathers all this information until it’s time for you to file your claim.

“Five minutes to do a month’s worth of claims rather than what would normally take around an hour, if this was done manually,” claims Alex Baker, MD of Fleet Innovations.

The system is fast, accurate and automatic and removes the need to spend precious time trying to figure out this information manually.

“There’s a number of people who do a lot of driving about who never file a claim because of the time consuming paperwork,” Baker explained, speaking to Radio 2.

When it’s time for you to file a claim, all you need to do is plug the device into your computer (PC or Mac) and the data will be added to an online-hosted spreadsheet you can then use when filing your expenses claim.

Big savings, not Big Brother

You can easily separate business-related from personal journey data.The premium service links with Google Maps so you even get a cool map that shows the actual route you drove.

Privacy is protected. While it’s true this system records every journey, when it comes to going through the data to make your claim it’s possible to hide your personal data, so your boss won’t know where you went that weekend.

“Mileage has always been the holy grail as it is such a difficult thing to capture. Many businesses have started to use GPS technology by installing a black box in the car but it’s too Big Brother,” Baker says.

While it does save significant chunks of time when making a claim there’s much more to Peak GPS Mileage Capture than that — it’s also about accuracy and compliance with HMRC tax requirements.

  • Because Peak GPS Mileage Capture is automated, it cuts out false, exaggerated or mistaken mileage claims.
  • TomTom Business Solutions found 46% of drivers have over-estimated their mileage when claiming expenses, with 35% doing so regularly.
  • Peak GPS Mileage Capture is also HMRC compliant, which simplifies the tax return process and protects business from hefty fines for inaccurate data.
  • Though sadly the system doesn’t quite explain why the taxman’s advisory fuel rates for business owners are a full 25% lower than those paid by local authorities.
  • What’s unique about the system is that it can help fleet managers monitor driver activity in order to enhance Duty of Care reporting.
  • That’s because it can give drivers a risk rating based on total mileage, unsociable hours, the frequency of rest breaks, type of roads travelled on, and an end of claim random survey.

What does it cost? Not so much, particularly when you consider the 12 hours a year most users will save with this solution, which can — and will — be spent doing something else.

The most basic service costs from 99p per month while the most advanced system costs from £4.99 per month, plus the price of the dongle. There’s a special offer available too, £99 (ex-VAT) gets you the dongle and a 12-month subscription.

Contact Fleet Innovations to arrange terms for larger deployments.

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