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With the new arrival of the viral Pokémon Go! app, we revisit the growing popularity of GPS tracking.

With the new arrival of the viral Pokémon Go! app, we revisit the growing popularity of GPS tracking.

With the new arrival of the viral Pokémon Go! app, we revisit the growing popularity of GPS tracking.

Pokémon Go! uses GPS tracking in order to emulate the virtual reality of the fictional Pokémon universe. Game creators, Niantic, have utilised GPS tracking to create an augmented reality through the camera lens of your phone. The app, released in Australia, America and New Zealand, on July 6, 2016 has quickly taken over the world. However, there is no set release date for the UK yet!

Until then, you can still make the most of GPS tracking systems by using the award-winning PEAK system to track your mileage expenses as you wander around the depths of the English countryside hoping to stumble upon an urban legend that will grant you an early download!

GPS tracking is used to locate your position as you wander around real-life surroundings and places, collecting Pokémon and battling. The app relies on tracking your position and making Pokémon available nearby. Although the app is dependent on location, it is also a testament to GPS tracking’s ability to measure speed.

As you collect Pokémon eggs throughout your journeys around the globe, GPS tracking notifies the app to incubate them. However, there is no tricking the ingenious creators who have utilised the versatility of the GPS tracking! You are unable to travel by car, train, bus, bike, plane or Pidgeot as there is a speed limitation! If you are travelling too fast the app will not allow your collected eggs to hatch.

This shows us how far GPS tracking has advanced in the last few years, when a Pokémon app was just a fantasy. We can now use GPS signals and tracking to calculate your mileage expenses!

Unfortunately, the app developers have not yet made Poke Balls that capture your mileage expenses and Pokémon. But there is no need to fret, Fleet Innovations have designed the PEAK mileage system (and we have an app too!) that captures your journeys and mileage expenses in a few easy steps!

The PEAK Mileage Capture system is THE solution when it comes to your mileage requirements.  We offer 5 unique options in order to cater for all types of users, mileage profiles and vehicle usage.

Our flagship product uses patent pending GPS technology, much like the Pokémon Go! app, and a Trip Stick® to capture and report mileage. The Trip Stick is easily installed by the driver into any car with a USB/12v supply and links to the online Mileage Expenses Portal.

Nearly the Same?

When the mileage claim is due, the driver will need to unplug the Trip Stick from the car and insert it into the USB port of a computer or laptop. Our desktop app will then upload the logged trips and mileage to our servers.

Drivers then use their individual log in to select the relevant mileage claim and indicate whether the journey is business or private, the reason for the business trip and details.

Unlike previous systems, once the journey has been privatised, no one but the driver will have access to the specifics. This includes those late night jaunts to the Poké Gym!

Once satisfied with your mileage claim/report, you can simply submit the report to your manager for approval and print off/download a copy for your own records. Reports can also be downloaded directly to Excel.

The whole process can take a matter of minutes (enough time for you to catch that elusive Pikachu) for an entire months’ worth of mileage claims and has features such as mapping and report download functionality.

For more information on the PEAK mileage capture devices please email info@fleetinnovations.com or call us on 0845 600 6880.

Source: Blog written especially for Fleet Innovations by Worcester Sixth Form College Student Meagan Walker

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