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True love – the four wheeled kind

True love – the four wheeled kind

It is safe to say that we are truly a nation of car lovers.  In 1950 there were 4 million cars on UK roads, but by 2012 this had grown to 45 million.  Quite amazing given that running costs feel like they are at an all time high!

So, in these austere times can we afford to run all of these cars?  I don’t know.

But I do know that HMRC see this as a great source of revenue for them and the Treasury from benefit in kind (BIK) tax, fuel duty etc.

However, we can help reduce these costs and the ultimate burden of running a car, with a small amount of effort and a big dose of innovation.

The PEAK Mileage Capture solution helps manage our usage and keep detailed records of actual travel to ensure that mileage claims are accurate and the driver is paid exactly what they are due.

So maybe we can afford to continue our love affair with the car and perhaps save some money, which we can use perhaps for next years valentines card?

For more information go to www.peakmiles.com

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