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The Rogues and The Numpties

Introducing The Numpties

Here at Fleet Innovations we have been helping our customers sort out there mileage expenses for some time now and during this period we have come across some quite shocking examples of previously well trusted employees committing obscene levels of fraud.

We have pulled together some of the most shocking and the most common situations we come accross and will be adding more in the coming weeks.

We welcome you to add your own stories or experiences in the comments below

The Numpty

We were called into one organisation in Swansea to help them sort out the mileage after discovering gross mileage fraud.  One particular driver was well and truly caught out when the vehicle he had been driving for 3 years was returned to the leasing company.  The driver had been claiming consistently for about 30,000 business miles a year without any concern.

It was when the finance director received his pooled mileage statement that he realised the vehicle had been returned with approximately 32,000 miles less than had been claimed in mileage expenses over the duration of the lease.  This equated to nearly 1000 miles per month

The really scary thing about this story was the fact that the driver admitted he had actually tried to get the extra miles added to the odometer by the mechanic.  Apart from strange looks by the Swansea mechanics this driver had effectively stolen thousands of pounds from his employer

The Time Traveller

One gentleman we came across from London had claimed about 62,100 miles for the year.  Now Bob (names changed to protect the not so innocent) would often complain that he was working long hours and doing very high mileage and often used to swap vehicles around because of that.  Bob worked in central London and worked normally from 9 – 5 Monday to Friday.

After a review of mileage claims however it was discovered that bob was working far longer than anyone had realised in fact in order to complete his 62,000 miles a year he would have needed to work for about 21 hours of every working day.

When Bob was investigated by his employer it was discovered that bob had not actually been working 21 hours per day and had not even travelled 62,000 miles, but actually less than half of that.  Bob soon had to find a new Job

Average Speeds 7am to 7pm was 19.33 mph 8.98 mph (about the speed of a chicken) across Central London (Source TFL).  Assumptions were that bob worked 240 days per year.

Meet Ranulph the Explorer

The explorer is a confused chap.  He has lost all abilities to navigate from one place to another, has lost his maps and has broken his sat nav.  This result in and incredibly long detour between the two points.

One particular explorer who we met would find this happened almost every time he undertook a business journey.  One particular journey between reading and Gloucester which should have been a return trip of about 150 miles actually ended up being over 600 miles.

Try as we might we can’t figure out how this was possible without driving via Derby.

The Cloner

The cloner is somewhat of an enigma,  most people know he exists its just difficult to prove.  This enigma is able to create a version of himself that is apparently able to undertake a journey while being in another place (often sat at home)

One organisation called us in when they discovered that one of their employees had managed to drive from Birmingham to Manchester whilst at the same time also sat on a train from Birmingham to London.

This particular chap had submitted his mileage expenses at the same time as his general expenses and his boss had noticed the two opposing journeys.  Upon further investigation there were at least half a dozen other times when the driver had apparently driven to the office only to find the security logs showed no access had been made into the building where he worked.

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