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Returning to mileage capture after Maternity leave.

Returning to mileage capture after Maternity leave.

Returning to work after Maternity ahhhh!

I can’t believe the day is here one year on and my baby is walking, talking, super fun to be around and I now have to go back to WORK.

After much anticipation and contemplation, I am back in the working world and in many ways, it feels like I never left. I’m sure my co-workers think I am nuts. Some sweet soul asking me how I am doing or asking about my little man, and I am too busy trying not to cry to give them much of an answer. I even put my hand up several times and answered, “We’re not talking about it!!” Ha!! In the end, I have just had to remove myself from the main office and sit at the hot seat!!

Going back to work and finding a balance is hard. Leaving your sweet snuggly wobbler is even harder and the guilt oh the guilt I didn’t return on my eldest till he was two and Harry is only one but if I don’t they won’t get to go swimming or rugby or on holidays, unless I win the lotto(that’s in my charmed magical world with fairy dust and unicorns and one that I don’t need to go to work!!!).

But that is not real-life, the simple truth is that nothing is perfect, life can be difficult and it throws challenges every day, my washing basket is growing as I type and I will need a forklift to get to the top of the last years paperwork but hi ho hi ho it’s off to work I go…..

I can HELP you!

Now that I’m back in the office I would like to share one way in which I make my work life a little easier. I’m using a unique mileage capture device to do my monthly mileage expenses and I’d  to help more working moms (and dads) can have a slightly easier return and make one job that bit simpler.

I often hear that mileage expenses are “a right pain in the butt (as my five year old would say with a giggle!!)

Well we at Fleet Innovations have an easy to use simple device that will help you log, record and claim back your expenses in five minutes.

The GPS Trip Stick is placed in your vehicles 12v Cigarette lighter socket. Without using fairy dust we use a 3G network to automatically send all your completed journeys to our PEAK system. You will then need to log in using your unique secure log in details and confirm if the trips are personal or business, submit your claim for approval and voila your expenses are complete and ready for payment or sending to the accountant.

Honestly it is that easy have a look at my video and you will see it for yourself  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS86sEIRABI&t=2s

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on

07581 208 108 or at katie@fleetinnovations.com

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