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Public sector fleets turn to mileage solution to cut grey fleet costs

A growing number of public sector fleets are turning to the PEAK Mileage Capture dongle-based mileage solution to address grey fleet cost and also take a longer-term view on fleet policy.

So says Fleet Innovations, the developer of the PEAK solution, which adds that it is working with a number of high-profile local authorities and NHS trusts.

Managing director Alex Baker said: ‘We have found a sweet spot within the grey fleet sector to help bring some level of control and accountability.

‘For many organisations grey fleet is essential but managing it effectively and ensuring costs do not spiral is incredibly important for all involved and can only be achieved by knowing the size of the problem in the first place and then using actual data to make informed decisions.’

He added: ‘What the public sector finds particularly interesting about the PEAK system is that it works extremely effectively in terms of creating greater awareness and tighter control around all genuine business mileage whether undertaken in a grey fleet vehicle or one owned by the organisation. It creates a simple but fair mechanism for eliminating overestimation and ensures that the drivers get paid quickly for the actual mileage they travel.

‘Some of the local authorities we are working with have carried out their own internal audits that indicate over estimation in the region of 20% so it is clear that substantial reductions are possible,’ concluded Baker. ‘The individual also benefits as a result of a simplified claim process so it’s a win-win situation.’

Source:  http://fleetworld.co.uk/news/2013/Dec/Public-sector-fleets-turn-to-mileage-solution-to-cut-grey-fleet-costs/0434012004

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