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Prosecutor launches probe into expenses of 11 MPs

The public prosecutors office launched an investigation into expense claims of 11 MPs on Wednesday.
The prosecutors office did not name the 11 MPs it is investigating for allegedly fraudulent claims for fuel expenses, Polish Radio reported. But at least five names of alleged perpetrators are in public domain.

The scandal over parliamentary expenses fraud started shortly before local-government elections in November. It was revealed that three MPs for the main opposition party, the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) had claimed fuel expenses for driving to a conference in Madrid but in fact were pictured on a budget flight. The affair came to light due to alleged drunken misbehaviour by one of the MPs’ wives.

Since then another MP has resigned his membership of PiS over doubts about his claims.

Meanwhile Speaker Radosław Sikorski has maintained his innocence, even as tabloid Fakt reported his car showed only a third of the mileage for which he claimed expenses. In his seven years as MP and foreign minister, Sikorski claimed to have travelled 90,000 kilometres on parliamentary business even as he also used his company car from the ministry.

Source:  http://www.thenews.pl/1/9/Artykul/191018,Prosecutor-launches-probe-into-expenses-of-11-MPs

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