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PEAK Mileage Capture in the News

PEAK Mileage Capture in the News

Patent pending for Kidderminster businessman’s innovation

AN innovative Kidderminster businessman has a patent pending on first-of-its-kind technology to help capture mileage.

Managing director Alex Baker, of Fleet Innovations, based in Bewdley, has created a USB dongle that can plug into a car’s cigarette lighter and record journey information.

Mr Baker, 36, has a patent pending on the technology.

He said: “We’re trying to make the process of mileage expenses quick, simple and accurate. The dongle is about the size of a USB memory stick.

“You plug it in to the USB port or the cigarette lighter of a vehicle. Every time you do a journey it just records where you’re driving.”

The dongle can then be plugged into a computer to download the information and drivers can highlight which journeys they are claiming for.

Mr Baker added: “What would normally take about one hour, takes five minutes.”

The small company, which employs nine full time members of staff, also has an office in London and is relocating to Kidderminster from its Bewdley base.

Mr Baker added: “Mileage has always been the holy grail as it is such a difficult thing to capture. Many businesses have started to use GPS technology by installing a black box in the car but it’s too Big Brother.”

Mr Baker was recently interviewed by Simon Mayo on BBC Radio Two on his Friday afternoon show talking about his innovation.

He added: “The total opportunity goes into millions. As long as you’ve got a cigarette lighter, it will work.”


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