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Patent Pending for Innovative Business Fleet Innovations on a Pioneering and First of it’s Kind Technology

Patent Pending for Innovative Business Fleet Innovations on a Pioneering and First of it’s Kind Technology

LONDON, May 10, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ —

Fleet Innovations experts in fleet, mileage capture, development and consultancy has a patent pending on the GPS dongle technology to help capture mileage.

Managing director Alex Baker, of Fleet Innovations, has created a USB dongle that can plug into a car’s cigarette lighter and record journey information and currently has a patent pending on the technology.

The PEAK mileage capture dongle was developed to make mileage expense claiming fairer and more accurate. Some small businesses and freelancers don’t even bother completing mileage claims but they take so long and tracking the actual business mileage is difficult.

For larger companies the benefits are enormous, with the PEAK mileage capture dongle all claims are accurate so it eliminates overestimating of miles that can result in firms being investigated by the HMRC and heavy fines being handed out. HMRC are directing ever-greater resources towards tackling inaccurate business records, including mileage. The current fine for getting it wrong is up to £18,000 per driver – with unpaid taxes also payable on top.

Alex Baker said: “We’re trying to make the process of mileage expenses quick, simple and accurate. The dongle is about the size of a USB memory stick.

“You plug it in to the USB port or the cigarette lighter of a vehicle. Every time you do a journey it just records where you drive.”

The dongle can then be plugged into a computer to download the information and drivers can highlight which journeys they are claiming for, drivers can easily separate private mileage so you just submit your business miles in your claim.

Alex Baker added: “What would normally take about one hour, takes five minutes.”

“Mileage has always been the holy grail as it is such a difficult thing to capture. Many businesses have started to use GPS technology by installing a black box in the car but it’s too Big Brother.”

Simon Mayo on BBC Radio Two, recently interviewed Alex Baker, on his Friday afternoon show talking about his innovation.

Alex added: “The total opportunity goes into millions. As long as you’ve got a cigarette lighter, it will work.”

To find out more about the PEAK mileage capture dongle visit http://www.peakmiles.com

Fleet Innovations

Amongst it’s other offerings FLEET INNOVATIONS® provides PEAK Mileage Capture™, which uses a state of the art GPS/USB dongle for accurate mileage recording and expense reporting. The dongle is easily placed in the car and accurately tracks each journey. Our unique solution enables trips to be uploaded to our servers showing the exact trip taken. The driver then simply indicates if the trip is business or private.

Fleet Innovations is part of the Dreamtek Group of Companies that together represents a comprehensive supplier of technology, video and photography solutions and services for both the corporate and creative markets.
Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/05/10/5409883/patent-pending-for-innovative.html#storylink=cpy

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