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Optimising Fuel Allowance – Saving money on petrol!

Optimising Fuel Allowance – Saving money on petrol!

The relentless and indefinite rise in petrol prices means drivers are not getting as far on their fuel allowance.

Below is a collection of 10 simple tips and tricks for optimising fuel allowance to get further
with your money.

Maintain your car
Take the time to keep your vehicle in good condition and you shall be rewarded. Simple checks and replacements can help make your fuel go further so keep an eye on things such as oil changes, spark plug replacements and air filter changes.

Tire Pressure
Also remember to maintain your car’s tires. The short time it takes to ensure the tires are inflated to the correct level could save you a valuable distance, reducing drag and taking strain off the engine.

Reduce Drag
Speaking of reducing drag, why stop at the tire pressure? It is best to keep the car as streamlines as possible, it was designed like that for a reason after all. Remove any bike racks or rooftop cargo to keep the car aerodynamic. A top tip is to shut the windows if you’re driving over 30 mph to reduce drag as much as possible.

Lose Weight
Not you, the car! Remove any unnecessary items from your car. Lugging around extra weight can drastically decrease the car’s fuel efficiency, whilst also improving on the safety of your car. After all, you wouldn’t carry around anything unnecessarily for the day so why make your car?

Drive Smoothly
A smooth driver can be up to whopping 33% more fuel efficient, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. By accelerating gently and avoiding harsh breaking by anticipating junctions you could see a massive difference with your mileage.

Don’t be Idle
Although starting the engine takes a little more fuel, standing idle for more than a minute can dramatically drain your fuel. The significance of this is evident in the implementation of “stop-start” technology in newer hybrid cars, where once the foot is taken off the break when not moving, the engine is shut off.

Plan off-peak travel
Save time and annoyance while cutting down on idle time in traffic by avoiding peak travel times, such as during the school run or work commute. Traveling during heavy traffic times is considerably less fuel efficient.

Don’t Speed
Not only will you be certain of not getting a speeding ticket, you will also save valuable fuel! Driving at 70mph uses 9%more fuel and 25% more from driving at 70 to 80pmh. You may be 5 minutes earlier to work but along with every other reason why you shouldn’t speed, you waste lots of fuel when you decide to do so.

Combine Trips
Save petrol, save time, save money. If you have any errands to do in your day, do them all consecutively! It makes much more sense economically to go from task A to task B and not home in between. An example of this is going to do your food shop straight from work and not stop off home in between.

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