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We are looking to identify a technology supplier to further enhance the current functionality of CleanCar delivering new and innovative processes to a rapidly expanding consumer market.  Applicants must submit a PQQ and shortlisted applicants will be invited to sign a non-disclosure agreement to progress to the next stage.

About CleanCar

CleanCar is a solution that is helping companies and car users in the UK to make the switch from Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (ICE) to Electric and Plug in Hybrid Vehicles (EV).  Its success comes from being able to prove a driver’s suitability to an EV while also demonstrating the Cost Benefit of making the switch.  The system has the unique ability to cut through indifference and misinformation about EV by proving the facts and the benefits.

We are looking to improve upon what we already have and make the system ready for the mass consumer markets.

Main Project Tasks

Dashboard Design: Build a series of dashboards and pages for users, managers and administrators that allow them to:

  • See a profile of driving behaviour
  • Show vehicle suitability
  • Ability to access all client and user data
  • Add new clients
  • Bulk upload new users
  • Bulk upload new vehicles
  • Archive users
  • Add a system message
  • Send user wide email
  • Deactivate option to prevent users from having access
  • Activate the option to re-enable deactivated users
  • API link into payment system – chargeable/stripe
  • Ability to access all data related to the user’s vehicle
  • Erase data
  • User and Mas user heatmaps of journeys
  • Show relevant POI on maps
  • Set of high-level summary reports based on user dashboard display
  • Ability to drill down into the data used in basic reports

Mobile GPS recording application:

  • iOS & Android applications
  • Secure and GDPR Compliant log in
  • Data Encryption
  • Dual functioning app used to capture GPS driving data and access to user dashboard
    Regarding road safety, while recording data it is imperative the app dashboard functionality is disabled.
  • App must self-start recording when the journeys start
  • App must stop recording when journey stops
  • App must have battery saving logic

Data capture Storage and Processing

  • The processing shall be multi level such that initial processing shall contain no affiliation other than the device; the second tier shall use logic to create journeys. Processing of assimilated data should be at a fourth layer to provide such statistics as required. Only at the fourth separate processing layer shall any data be associated with any entity other than the actual device.

Procurement Process

A two-stage procurement process is being undertaken. Potential suppliers are requested to complete the pre-qualification questionnaire in order to demonstrate they are capable of delivering the project and can demonstrate previous relevant experience. Shortlisting will be undertaken on the basis of the responses to the pre-qualification questionnaire. Shortlisted suppliers will then be invited to submit a quote after the full specification of works is shared.

Responses to questions will be evaluated and scored according to the following scoring system:



Not acceptable/no information


Acceptable but there are significant reservations


Good, with moderate reservations


High standard with minor reservations


Very high standard, no reservations



There is no minimum level to be achieved however it is intended that no fewer than three and no more than six potential suppliers will be shortlisted following the submission and sifting of the pre-qualification questionnaires. Suppliers’ answers will be ranked according to the scoring system above.


Following the completion of the shortlisting, shortlisted suppliers will be invited to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It is expected that this will be shared with shortlisted suppliers on or around 27th September. Once this is signed and returned, the full service specification will be shared and the shortlisted company will be requested to return a full quote for the works within one week. The score from this, stage one of the procurement process, will then be taken into account along with the quoted price for the works. The cheapest quote may not therefore be the one which is chosen.


Deadline for responses: 9am Monday 25th September


Responses to be submitted to: alex@fleetinnovations.com

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire – PQQ


Please complete and return this questionnaire by 9am on Monday 25th September.


Prerequisite – The successful supplier must be able to attend regular face to face meetings in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK


Experience – Please outline your experience in the following areas:
1 Experience working with GPS Protocols and standards particularly from GPS tracking devices
2 Demonstrate experience of developing high throughput low latency multi-tiered database architectures and data flows
3 GPS Tracking Devices
4 GPS tracking Firmware
5 Distribution of Firmware Over The Air (FOTA)
6 Data Warehousing
7 Data Analytics and your experience in Dashboard Design
8 Sql & MySql
9 Enterprises Web applications
10 The capture of HEX & ASCII data especially in relation to GPS tracking Devices
11 The processing of HEX & ASCII data
12 GDPR Compliance
13 Mobile Applications iOS & Android especially in relation to Start stop GPS capture and Bluetooth proximity beacons
14 PHP & .Net
15 Cloud Hosting
16 Data Centres
Company Information
17 Who is responsible for your support, what kind of infrastructure do you have and
where is your support team located?
18 What have you invested in to R&D in the last 12 months
19 What training have you invested in during the last 12 months
20 How long have you been trading
21 Who develops your product (e.g. a contractor, you, outsourced) and where is your
product developed?
22 How many employees do you have (e.g. direct, contractor, outsourced)
23 Can you support a global implementation? Do you have references for these types of
24 Do you review security at each phase of the software development lifecycle?
25 What methodologies do you use for security testing your products?
26 Do third parties conduct security assessments on your products?
27 Do you use automated tools for security testing or code review?
28 What training does your development and testing teams receive specific to application security?
29 What percentage of your software development and testing team is focused on security?
30 Do you have a dedicated team to assess and respond to security vulnerabilities reported
31 Does your company monitor the latest attack trends in the underground community and consider how those trends may affect your projects/clients
Ability to deliver
32 What is your current project lead time
33 Who are your 3 largest clients
34 What percentage of turnover is your largest client
35 Do you review quality at each phase of the software development lifecycle?
36 What methodologies do you use for quality testing your products?
37 Do third parties conduct quality assessments on your products?
38 Do you use automated tools for quality testing or code review?
39 Can you attend regular meetings in Kidderminster?
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