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NHS Mileage Rates 2013

NHS Mileage Rates 2013

From 1 July 2013 Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions are changing. Staff members who currently claim regular user allowance will no longer be able to do so.

Requests for regular usage allowance will no longer be accepted from 30 June 2013

Any staff currently receiving the payment will not receive it in their July salary and any miles claimed on or after the 1 July, will be paid at the new rates.

The travel claim form will be changed in line with the new terms and will be available to download from the mileage and travel claims page from 1 July.


More information will be sent out to those of you who claim regular user allowance over the coming days.

To read more about the National changes and how they may affect you, please follow this link to the NHS Employers Website

New rates of pay for mileage from 1 July 2013

Type of vehicle/allowance Annual mileage up to 3,500 miles (standard rate) Annual mileage over 3,500 miles (standard rate) All eligible miles travelled (see paragraph 17.15 and Table 8)
Car (all types of fuel) 67 pence per mile 24 pence per mile  
Motor cycle     33 pence per mile
Pedal cycle     20 pence per mile
Passenger allowance     5 pence per mile
Reserve rate     33 pence per mile
Carrying heavy or bulky equipment     3 pence per mile
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