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New NHS Mileage Rates

New NHS Mileage Rates

A new system for reimbursing staff for the extra costs of using their vehicles for NHS business will be introduced from 1 July. As costs rise or fall, the change will be reflected in the new rate.

All current standard users will see an immediate increase in their reimbursement as will those who have all or some of their reimbursement paid at public transport rate. Current regular users may see an increase, decrease or no change to their payments.

“For the first time there is now a direct and automatic link between costs and reimbursement. Where there are rises or reductions in costs above/below five per cent over a 12-month period the new rate will reflect it” said RCN Senior Employment Relations Adviser Gerry O’Dwyer. “These arrangements should be viewed in the long term and not just their effect on the date of implementation.”

Further information

  • The reimbursement rate will be 67 pence per mile for the first 3,500 miles and 24 pence a mile thereafter.
  • The rate will be automatically reviewed twice a year.
  • The current public transport rate (24 pence) will be replaced by a reserve rate that will be set at 50 per cent of the single rate (33 pence in July).
  • Travel for undertaking required training will be paid at the full rate (67 pence).
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