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Mileage Recording just got easier- Ultimate PEAK 3G Tripstick!

Mileage Recording just got easier- Ultimate PEAK 3G Tripstick!

Remember when keeping track of mileage meant drivers carrying clipboards, notebooks, post-its or scrap papers around with them? Perhaps, some fleets are still using this old method and trying to calculate mileage by hand. Thankfully, for fleet managers,pay roll and finance departments alike maintaining records of multiple vehicles has been made easier with the ultimate PEAK 3G GPS trip sticks. This is a UK first and to the best of our knowledge a world first in mileage recording.

The 3G Trip stick will change the whole mileage recording process to make it simple and HMRC compliant. Here, Fleet Innovations presents 3 reasons fleets should use 3G GPS trip sticks for mileage recording.

1.) Easy on drivers with no download software step: Instead of fumbling with a mobile phone, laptop, clipboard or loose paper sheets PEAK’s 3G Trip Stick allows drivers to just drive! The system records the data for all the journeys each day itemising each trip with all the necessary details to make a compliant claim including  a start, end location and miles driven. Using the 3G network the information is transferred to the PEAK system while you sleep. This automatic upload makes it easy on drivers saving countless hours of admin not to mention to mention the hassle! This automatic upload process skips the download software step that can cause companies have a restricted software installation policy. With the every growing market and the necessity for the latest technology of  tablets and smart phones the new 3G system has adapted to this, allowing drivers to log on to any internet ready device and complete their monthly mileage claims.

2.) No Big Brother: All the information that the PEAK 3G GPS trip stick records can easily be displayed on the PEAK software. We have taken the ‘Big Brother’ element away from mileage recording! The driver is in complete control with no more concerns about what other people can see or what they are doing with their data. The system wholly focuses on mileage expenses it does not capture things like live tracking, driver behaviour, speeding or anything else. Our PEAK 3G trip stick puts the driver back in control!

3.) Financially Fair for all: Being able to use the 3G Trip stick will allow managers to keep records of exactly what the driver’s drive not a mile more or a mile less thus allowing the system to be financially fair on both the driver and the business. Our easy reporting system allows for managers to run reports at the push of a button and send them straight to payroll for payment saving time and administration not to mention our beloved trees!

So whats not to love if you would like to know more about making your mileage recording easier why not book an online demo by clicking here  and we can show you how if works from the comfort of your office.


The PEAK 3G Trip stick can be yours for £149 plus VAt this includes the Trip Stick and 12 months reporting. After the 12 months there will be a monthly charge of £8.50 per month per user.

To find out more on the PEAK 3G Trip stick and to pre orders yours today call me on 0845 600 6880 or email info@fleetinnovations.com


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