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Mileage Expenses – Keeping it Simple

Fleet Innovations the mileage capture experts will soon be celebrating 3 years offering its award winning Mileage Expenses system to customers.  The system is approaching 40,000 users and Fleet Innovations puts its success down to keeping it simple.

Alex Baker the Managing Director of Fleet Innovations had this to say “When we first launched the PEAK Mileage Expenses system we had a plan to offer a simple and effective system that would appeal to anyone wanting to record their business mileage and we remain resolute in delivering this plan.”

Early on Fleet Innovations were asked by a small number of customers to add features such as fleet management tools, service booking and the ability to add extra expenses such as parking and tolls.  There was a larger section of customers however that wanted to keep it simple.  They stuck to the plan and went with the majority option.

Baker says. “We always try to listen to our customers and have ultimately built much of our system based on user feedback, but we were concerned that by adding in extra options outside of our vision would not only distract us, but could mean we fall into the trap of making our system convoluted and complex.  This is something we were not prepared to do.

This approach appears to have been the right decision with customers knowing exactly what they have signed up to and what to expect.

A recent customer with more than 400 drivers recently commented “We love the simplicity of the system and like the fact that we don’t have to manage all the other compliance issues, i.e. driving licences.  We only needed to solve our mileage and don’t want drivers booking a service or having a report tell me that ‘driver A’ did not stop for long enough on a four hour trip”.

Baker adds “From a security perspective it is also much easier to control.  We take security incredibly seriously but I can’t even begin to imagine the number of extra hoops we would have to jump through if we had driving licence details contained in our systems.  If it’s not there then there is Zero risk of it being compromised”

Fleet Innovations however is not sitting still when it comes to development of the system they have a raft of new developments and initiatives soon to be launched that will enhance the offering and make it more accessible to more companies and drivers.

Baker picks up the question of future developments. “We are extremely excited about the development pipeline.  My view is that perfection is impossible for all users but it does not stop us trying.  Our developments are focused on making mileage expenses so completely painless that it takes just seconds to complete each month.  As well as a number of new GPS devices coming soon we will also be linking our system with the systems provided by some exciting new partners.  Without wanting to give too much away we feel that these developments will actually help learn a user’s habits and instead of creating a mileage claim the system will create and populate the claim for you.  This could mean you just have to approve your own claim”

The Fleet Innovations team are dedicated to their plans to offer the ultimate mileage expenses system and to partner with companies rather than “step on their toes.  “We do mileage and we do a good job of it and that’s where it needs to stop for us.  Some of our partners have development budgets equating to more than $100million.  Why would we even think of trying to replicate some of the things they do when we can all work in harmony with one another.  It’s about mutual respect.

As well as offering a mileage expenses system Fleet Innovations have focused their attentions on helping clients to uncover if they actually have an issue and to then help them to understand what is required to fix the problem.

The fleet audit has been developed and designed by an award winning Dr of Mathematics and Computer Science, Dr Russ Bubley.  Baker commented. “Working with Dr Russ has been incredible, he has an incredible ability to take vast swathes of data and turn it into something very meaningful.  It is great to be able to present finding in a qualitative way and have graphs and images to better explain it to the customer.  There is no doubt it also adds a level of credibility to the findings.”

To date the team at Fleet Innovations have done close to 80 mileage audits and have seen a multitude of different policies and systems leading to virtually no problems for some customers and some gaping holes for other.

“For some customers we have completed the audit to find that they are doing pretty much all they need to do in order to be HMRC compliant. Sometimes a small change to the format of the form or a more robust policy document is all that’s required. ”

Fleet Innovations continue to develop their system and build their user base and are looking for new and exciting strategic partners who understand the benefits of a mutually beneficial relationship.



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