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Mileage Expenses For Grey Fleet.

Mileage Expenses For Grey Fleet

Quick, Accurate & Compliant

Looking for a way to ensure your grey fleet mileage expenses are accurate.
With PEAK not only is mileage accurate but it also takes just 6.2 minutes a month.

Quick Overview

The PEAK system is used by nearly 1000 UK businesses and more then 36,000 users.
Here are some of the reasons why it is so popular..
  • Quick – Just 6.2 Minutes a Month

    Because PEAK records all your business trips and creates your mileage claim, you have very little to do. This means the process takes an average of just 6.2 minutes a month.

  • Eliminate over-estimation and innacuracy

    The PEAK GPS system records every mile, meaning journeys are never over claimed. We also record all short cuts, detours and drivers getting lost, meaning claims are true, accurate and fair.

  • Quick set up

    Sign up today and we will send out your PEAK GPS Trip Stick in the post.  When it turns up just register your account, plug in your Trip Stick and start recording your mileage.  Have multiple drivers to set up, then its just as simple.

  • Simple payroll reports at the click of a button

    Mileage reporting can be a pain. Not with PEAK… Simply run the report at the end of the month and use it for your payroll and compliance reporting

    • Plug in the PEAK Trip Stick

      Place the Trip Stick in your cars cigarette lighter socket and instantly start recording journeys.

    • PEAK Creates the Claim

      The GPS data will create your claim for you with all your business trips so no need to remember where you have been

    • Check the claim

      Review the journeys and remove any that are personal.  Then you can add in the trip reason and any clients visited.

    • Claim Report

      When required create your claim report and send it to your Accountant or Book Keeper.  Simple…

For more information call us on 0845 600 6880 or email info@fleetinnovations.com
and check out our specially designed micro site designed with grey fleet in mind.
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