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Local Authorities Turn to Fleet Innovations for Help With Grey Fleet Mileage and Fleet Policy

Fleet Innovations the Creators of PEAK Mileage Capture  the first dongle based mileage solution have been garnering significant interest in their GPS mileage system from the Public sector and specifically Local Authorities.

“We have been working with a number of high profile local authorities who are very interested in our GPS system to sort out a number of key issues, in particular to address grey fleet mileage and then secondly to use the GPS data to make decisions about future fleet policy”

Local authorities across the UK are currently looking at all areas of fleet and mileage to see what policy changes could be implemented to cut cost and reduce overheads.  The policies for consideration involve many aspects but some of the key ones are controlling grey fleet mileage, implementing more pool cars and rental vehicles and considering electric vehicle usage.

 “What the Local Authorities find particularly interesting about PEAK system is that it works particularly well to bring control over the grey fleet mileage.  It creates a simple but fair way of eliminating overestimation and ensuring drivers get paid quickly for the actual mileage they travel without any overestimation.   “

Many of the UK local authorities have conducted their own internal audit and have discovered that grey fleet mileage is costing them more than it should and have noticed that alternatives such as pool cars or hire cars could offer a significant reduction in cost if properly utilised.

Some Local authorities are at loss to know exactly what to do as they do not have the required fact based data to make the decision relating to the number of pool cars they require, the hire car requirements that best suit their needs and what their electric vehicle fleet should look like.

Once fully implemented the data that is available from peak can be easily accessed and then used to work out what policy would best suit the drivers, who should be using pool cars and whether an electric vehicle policy should include 2 or 20 vehicles.  Crunching the factual data helps answer the pertinent questions.

“We have really found a sweet spot with the grey fleet market to help bring some level of control and accountability.  For many organisations grey fleet is essential but managing it effectively and ensuring costs do not spiral is incredibly important for all involved”

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