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How accurate is Google maps for business mileage?

How accurate is Google maps for business mileage?

by Alex Baker – Managing Director of Fleet Innovations

I set my sales team a task recently. Compare your actual business mileage using the PEAK Mileage CaptureTM Dongle and compare the results with the route that Google maps suggest…. The results 22% difference in the actual driven and Google suggested mileage.

I am not saying that Google Maps is inaccurate; far from it I think it is a fantastic tool to work out directions and the distance between two points.

The problem you have when using Google maps to work out regular journeys from home is that it does not consider “local knowledge”. Local knowledge is the inbuilt system that tells us not to drive down the major A road at 8am but to take the shorter more direct (but often slower) B route that won’t be clogged up with commuters and business drivers.

Our experience has shown that this can make a big difference, with one of my team driving 22% less miles than Google would have them believe.

If he had claimed his mileage using the Google number it would have cost me nearly £400 per year in extra business mileage. I am very therefore grateful I don’t have 1000 company car drivers and even more grateful they use GPS to work out their mileage.

It’s no bigger than a lighter. It takes a second to activate

Want to stop your drivers from overestimating their mileage why not use PEAK Mileage Capture TM, which uses a small USB Dongle to accurately track the miles driven by your employees. To find out more go to www.peakmiles.com

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