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Fleet Innovations to showcase PEAK Mileage Capture & offer prize draw at the Fleet Show

11th April 2013

 Fleet decision-makers attending this month’s Fleet World Fleet Show at Silverstone will have the opportunity to experience Fleet Innovations’ PEAK Mileage Capture solution, which uses a Unique GPS Mileage Capture Dongle (left) to create accurate and compliant business mileage expenses.


The company is one of a large number of leading fleet supplier firms exhibiting in the state-of-the-art Silverstone Wing conference centre at the Fleet Show on Wednesday 24th April and demonstrating the latest industry innovations.
Fleet Innovations’ PEAK System uses a USB GPS Dongle that is placed in the USB port or cigarette lighter port of a vehicle where it tracks the journeys driven. Once the user uploads the journeys a claim is produced for the driver using the GPS coordinates to show the time, date, distance, address and a full map of each journey. Users can then amend other information such as the details of the client visited, the specific vehicle used and the reason for the journey. This information is then used to create a final claim where distance, cost and CO2 is all calculated.
For those drivers that are worried about the “big brother” element of GPS, the system enables a journey to be indicated as business or private. If private is chosen then fleet innovations assure the private information for the journey is removed from the claim.
The system has been a culmination of more than two years of design development and customer testing and feedback.
Alex Baker, managing director, said: ‘Our system has now been tried and tested with many thousands of users and has been refined to stand up to the everyday usage of a typical company car driver. Our customers love the fact that it addresses the requirements of HMRC but mostly they just love its simplicity and the positive reaction it gets from their employees. One of the most encouraging conversations I had recently was from a firm of accountants who had received their first legible mileage claim in ten years from a customer using the PEAK system. They now want to roll it out to all 500 clients. Customers can expect to see many new developments in the coming months as we move into the mobile apps arena.’
At the Fleet Show, Fleet Innovations will have a prize draw offering an iPad and five dongles. The draw can be entered by anyone visiting the stand.
For more details about attending the Show please visit www.thefleetshow.co.uk or click here to register.

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