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Fleet Innovations new apprentice gives her truthful views!!

Fleet Innovations new apprentice gives her truthful views!!

Fleet Innovations new apprentice gives her truthful views!!

If you’d have told me I’d be doing an apprenticeship a few years ago; I think I would have been shocked! My career path was always heading in a very different direction.

I originally wanted to become a paramedic, but getting a Distinction* in my business BTEC persuasively changed my career path, and my decisions. I loved the thought of the office life! I am a practical learner which means I learn while completing tasks, an apprenticeship is therefore far better for me. Going to university, sitting in a class room, studying, then having an exam at the end (which I’m not good at either) would not interest me what so ever. That is why I chose to look for an apprenticeship and it was the best decision I have ever made. Apprenticeships offer so much, but no one really looks into the courses enough.

My first few weeks are over and I have learnt so much, in so little time. Many people stereotype and think working in an office is boring and easy, it’s definitely not with the Fleet team! They work so hard to keep their products going and up to date. On top of that, they are also keeping the customers happy.

The tasks I have been involved in are e-mailing customers, posting products, scanning barcodes and filing etc. I have also been involved in the running the social media accounts such as; twitter, skype, LinkedIn, Google+ and smart sheets etc. All of these sites have influenced me during the time I have been here, to gain experience and to allow me to develop skills. I have become more confident in tasks and am able to complete them independently. Fleet Innovations is a mileage capture company based in Kidderminster, they use GPS technology together with their patent pending trip sticks to record mileage accurately without the aspects of ‘Big Brother’ watching over drivers.

I didn’t expect the Church Street office it to have such a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere, it is far better than I ever expected! I thrive to learn a lot more and to improve my performance in Fleet Innovations. I wish I had started an apprenticeship when I left school as I feel I have missed out on so much already!

I have been completing jobs in which I gain skills, this then increases my confidence in relation to the task, eventually allowing me to then complete it independently. I have become more confident and open minded. The feeling of arriving each morning to my complete apprenticeship is great, the support is brilliant, I have learnt so much already. I have made sure that I have completed every task to the best of my ability. I feel as if I fit in already, no exaggeration. I would highly recommend an apprenticeship at Fleet Innovations as it’s the best choice I have made so far, I hope to improve my knowledge and continue career with them. For more information on an apprenticeship or on the PEAK mileage capture devices please email info@fleetinnovations.com or call us on 0845 600 6880.

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