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Fleet Innovations Launch Next Generation – GPS Mileage Expenses System

PEAK mIles 3g Dongle

Fleet Innovations the creators of a first of its kind mileage expenses system, “PEAK Miles”, have announced another technology breakthrough by launching its next generation mileage expenses system. The latest system has been the culmination of three and a half years of work and customer feedback and introduces a brand new GPS system for capturing business mileage.

The PEAK 3g System uses a small GPS device that is placed in the car and records all the business mileage while you drive. It then uses an on-board sim based modem to upload the data to the PEAK system and to automatically create the drivers claim.

Alex Baker the MD of Fleet Innovations had this to say. “Many of our users will be used to our current GPS Trip Stick to capture their mileage details. The current device is similar to the new system in many ways with one big difference. In essence the new system records all your trips and automatically uploads them and creates your claim.

The current system requires you to remove the GPS Trip stick from your car, plug it into your computer and to upload it which for many is fine. The new system requires no manual intervention whatsoever and uploads the trips while you are driving.”

Fleet Innovations will continue to focus their efforts in the same parts of the fleet market which is most commonly the company car driver and the grey fleet driver.

Many telematics providers have tried to enter the grey fleet market but have struggled when it comes to placing any kind of “black box” in an employee’s own car. Baker says “The PEAK system has less push back as it just sits in the cigarette lighter rather than requiring a special install. It also focuses wholly on mileage expenses allowing a driver to hide anything personal. We also show nothing like speeding or driver behaviour. This limited use of the GPS data makes the process far more palatable for a grey fleet driver and makes adoption far easier.

As well as the grey fleet market the Fleet Innovations team have also been gaining considerable interest from larger company car fleets. Joseph Kingstone Sales manager at Fleet Innovations had this to say. Whenever we roll our system out to a larger fleet we always face the issue of big brother with many of the drivers concerned about what we are going to do with their data. The PEAK system has none of this and once we can prove we have no such thing as live tracking, driver behaviour, speeding or anything else then drivers become more interested. Ultimately we are trying to improve accuracy and decrease the time it takes to make a claim.   For most drivers this is a welcome relief to the drudgery of mileage claims”

The latest PEAK system goes on sale on the 1st June and fleet innovations are taking orders now. You can find out more here http://try.peakmiles.com/3g-gps-peak-mileage-expenses/

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