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Fleet Innovations and Affinity Leasing join forces

Fleet Innovations and Affinity Leasing join forces

Affinity Leasing has appointed Fleet Innovations in an arrangement which will see Affinity customers being offered USB/GPS based mileage capture solution to address compliance, mileage fraud and optimum tax efficiency within their client’s fleets.

The arrangement will see Affinity Leasing discussing the benefits of mileage capture with clients particularly focusing on how mileage can optimise their cash allowances and also ensuring business mileage accuracy to prevent any possible HMRC investigations and/or fines.

Affinity Leasing is particularly interested in how the Peak mileage capture GPS dongle offered by Fleet Innovations addresses the minefield created by grey fleet mileage capture. The Fleet Innovations solution aims to ensure total accuracy of grey fleet mileage, eliminating fraud and ensuring employee adoption with its “no big brother” approach.

The new Peak mileage capture solution uses a USB GPS dongle paired with a web portal to provide an accurate mileage claim can be completed in less than a couple of minutes.

Fleet Innovations managing director Alex Baker said: “We are working closely with Affinity to enhance their offering to their enviable client base ensuring that we address the often ignored and misunderstood benefits and pitfalls of mileage capture.

“We will be looking for areas where mileage capture can benefit the Affinity clients helping them to reduce costs and improve HMRC compliance.”


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