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Find out the road to autonomous driving…

Find out the road to autonomous driving…

The road to autonomous driving…

Perhaps we should think about this journey in the emerging auto ecosystem in phases. 

Phase 1. Is where Electric power trains dominate due to ‘whole life cost & environmental benefits. The next couple of decades will see the early majority point reached.

Phase 2. At the same time, Cars are becoming ‘connected’, either via the OEM or third-party service providers such as Fleet. These value add services emerge for safety, cost and process efficiencies and in terms of societal change; evolution if you will, that takes us into 3.

Phase 3. The Autonomous driving era which in reality will be a long period where automatic driving/parking/joined up mobility systems will coexist with human driving,(software and wetware duality!) but the Paradigm shift is really from ownership to usage… if I don’t drive my car then I use a car that others use so in essence this is a time share model. This transitional era we are entering could be a decade or could be 5 decades but the certainty is that freedom of choice to embrace the new or keep the old, which will probably prevail so that the strange shaped electric ‘pod’ doing a serene 25.5 mph on its designated sensor peppered lane regularly passes me by in my super-fast but gridlocked EV roadster.

I will occasionally zoom past it but will probably get a speeding fine/ticket/travel ban or an appropriate disincentive is to stop driving the way I enjoy – fast!

That is, of course, assuming society allows an elderly gent (by then) to still drive rather than be driven by software.

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