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Father Christmas endorses the PEAK Dongle- Merry Christmas !



Merry Christmas

Here at the North Pole we are extra excited this year as we have the perfect Christmas gift for you. We have been keeping a close eye on you throughout the year and have seen how frustrated you get each month when you have to submit your mileage expenses!

I showed the elves your current mileage process and reminded them of how irritated you get every time you need to claim your business mileage expenses. Nothing excites them more than knowing they have the perfect gift for someone especially when they know it will be put to such good use and make your life easier saving you time and allowing you to spend more time with friends and family.

The elves have been working closely with the team at Fleet Innovations, a company based in Kidderminster in the UK, a friendly bunch I might add. They have the innovative PEAK GPS mileage capture device that allows you to plug the Trip stick into the 12V and using GPS technology records all your mileage for the month. At the end of the month plug the Trip Stick into your laptop and upload your journeys. Then select whether the journeys were private or business (any private trips remain private) and submit to your line manager.

Mrs Claus is so good with maps and will be helping me plan my trip around the world again this year Ho Ho Ho she does make me smile.

Last year unaware to me Elf Bernard placed the PEAK Mileage Capture dongle in my sleigh and instead of 8 months to claim all my business miles it took him a couple of hours, ingenious I tell you!

Well I must dash have my routine toy shop check, followed by letter time and then I need to take Rudolph for a run.

Lots of love

Father Christmas

P.S If you know anyone that would like a PEAK GPS Mileage Capture Trip Stick get in touch with the team at Fleet Innovations, they have a special £89.99 plus VAT offer, just tell them dear old St Nick sent you!

P.P.S Their details are 0845 600 6880 or email katie@fleetinnovations.com she will be happy to help!!!


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