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Expenses claims made by police commissioner to be probed by CPS after allegations he submitted mileage figures twice.

  • Lancashire PCC Clive Grunshaw allegedly claimed mileage twice for a single journey
  • Claims made while he was Labour councillor and chairman of Lancashire Police resources committee
  • Police watchdog passed details of his expenses to the CPS, which is now investigating
  • The investigation could lead to criminal charges
  • Mr Grunshaw has been suspended by the Labour party

A police and crime commissioner will have his expenses investigated after allegations he claimed twice as much money for mileage as he deserved.

Clive Grunshaw, Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Lancashire could face criminal charges depending on the outcome of the probe by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Details of Mr Grunshaw’s expenses were passed to the CPS by the police watchdog after an internal investigation, and he was today suspended by the Labour Party.

The claims relate to before his election as PPC when he was a Labour councillor for Lancashire County Council, and also chairman of Lancashire Police Authority’s resources committee.

While holding the positions he is said to have claimed petrol costs between his Fleetwood home and meetings in Preston from both the police and the council, despite only making a single journey.

Records allegedly show that 23 doubled-up claims were made, totalling £1,200 for mileage and a further £350 for ‘subsistence’.

Mr Grunshaw said today he did not ‘wilfully submit claims which I knew to be untrue’ and added that he would continue in his post until a final decision was made by prosecutors.

In a statement issued today, Miranda Carruthers-Watt, chief executive and solicitor for the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), said: ‘This investigation relates to claims made when Clive Grunshaw was subject to the Lancashire County Council expenses and allowance scheme as a Lancashire county councillor and a member of Lancashire Police Authority.’The allegations do not relate to any expenses claims during his time as police and crime commissioner.

‘The OPCC has assisted the Independent Police Complaints Commission throughout their investigation, and will continue to provide assistance now the matter has been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Commissioner: Mr Grunshaw will continue in his role during the investigationCommissioner: Mr Grunshaw will continue in his role during the investigation


Defence: Mr Grunshaw said he did not 'wilfully submit claims which I knew to be untrue'Defence: Mr Grunshaw said he did not ‘wilfully submit claims which I knew to be untrue’



‘While we await the decision of the CPS we will continue to support the commissioner in carrying out his statutory duties, and we look forward to a swift conclusion to this matter.’

Mr Grunshaw said: ‘I understand the public interest in this matter, and I wish to reassure the residents of Lancashire that during the last nine months I have complied fully with the investigative process and will continue to do so.

‘I maintain that at no point did I wilfully submit claims which I knew to be untrue and every expense claim I did make was genuinely intentioned.

‘While I await the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision I will continue to carry out my role as normal and be the public voice of policing in Lancashire.’

Today a the Labour Party issued a statement saying that Mr Grunshaw would be suspended from the party while the investigation takes place/

It said: ‘Clive Grunshaw has been suspended from the Labour Party pending the outcome of the CPS inquiry. This is a usual course of action for such a situation.’

In a statement, the IPCC said: ‘The independent investigation began after allegations about expenses claims made by Clive Grunshaw before his election as a PCC were referred to the IPCC by Lancashire’s Police and Crime Panel.

‘Mr Grunshaw was interviewed by IPCC investigators as part of the investigation.

‘A full investigation report was sent to the CPS on 25 September.

‘The CPS is responsible for making a decision on whether there is evidence to warrant criminal charges.’
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2431732/Clive-Grunshaw-Expenses-claims-Lancashire-police-commissioner-probed-CPS-allegations-submitted-mileage-figures-twice.html#ixzz2gY73CD87

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