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Councillors mileage cost publicly revealed

COUNTY councillors in Derbyshire cost taxpayers just over £1 million in the past financial year.The amount each councillor was paid during 2012-13 has now been released by the county council and it equates to an average of £1.31 per taxpayer in the county.

Of the £1 million, £61,336 was made up of expenses – an average of £958 per councillor.

The amount is far less than 10 years ago, when Derbyshire councillors were claiming an average £1,988 in expense claims.

It is because councillors can now only claim subsistence, such as accommodation costs and food bills, in exceptional circumstances.

Mileage allowances were also dropped from 65p per mile to 45p per mile.

Councillor John Harrison cost the taxpayer the most in expenses.

The Aston and Melbourne member, who has since retired from politics, claimed £4,627 – mostly in travel expenses.

Mr Harrison, who served as cabinet member for finance and management, said: “As a cabinet member, on average, I was travelling 250 miles every week to get from my home in Melbourne to County Hall in Matlock.

“The whole amount I received in terms of travel expenses went on petrol, tyres and depreciation costs. I’m actually out of pocket.”

He was paid a total of £31,015.07.

Councillor Julie Patten, who represents Hatton and Hilton on the authority, took home a total of £17,607.35.

Former Linton and Church Gresley councillor Charles Jones, who lost out at the last election, was handed £29,826.10.

Mick Lacey, formerly of Newhall and Seales, got £11,594.60 and Pat Murray, previously of Midway and Hartshorne, got £22,361.65.

The figures also showed that Martyn Ford, of Repton and Willington, received £18,854.90 with Gill Farrington, of Swadlincote Central and Woodville, getting £20,764.90.



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