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CleanPEA – Removes Fear Of The Unknown

CleanPEA – Removes Fear Of The Unknown

A new innovation has been launched today by fleet mileage and GPS experts Fleet Innovations.  The system called CleanPEA (PEA being an acronym Promoting Electric Alternatives) is aimed at fleet operators who are looking to introduce an electric vehicle policy.

Alex Baker the MD of Fleet Innovations Explains.  “Electric vehicles are an exciting new technology that offer some great advantages for any organisation willing to make the switch.  They are clean, green and can offer significant savings under the right circumstances.  The problem is knowing what the right circumstances are.  That’s where CleanPEA comes in it helps to identify which employees are suitable for an EV, which cars are most suitable and what the cost benefit is likely to be.”

The CleanPEA system works on a simple principle whereby a small GPS device is placed in the car for short period of time to record driver usage behaviours.  This information is then compared to the range restrictions and running costs of available electric cars.  In essence CleanPEA analyses real world driving behaviour to show the drivers that could have an EV and what potential savings would be available.

Baker picks up the story.  We have been using GPS devices in cars for some time with the CleanPEA sister product, PEAK Miles, which is used by more than 35000 users for their monthly mileage expenses.  The process therefore is simple and proven with the driver placing a small device in their cigarette lighter for a few weeks. Once we have enough data we can run our reports and help an organisation decide what their EV policy should look like going forward.

Baker says “In a nutshell we are using real world driving to work out an incredibly accurate Whole Life Cost.  This can then be compared to a driver’s current car to see if there is a valid saving.”

The CleanPEA reporting is powerful stuff as it shows what the savings could be achieved and all the explanations behind them.  It means a company can invest in an EV policy with their eyes wide open to all the pros and cons.  It stops money being wasted and maximises the benefits of any investment.

Anyone interested considering an electric vehicle policy and interested in finding out more about the CleanPEA system can do so by visiting www.cleanpea.com

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