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Cleancar.io Wins a Prestigious Award

Cleancar.io Wins a Prestigious Award

CleanCar voted winner of “Outstanding New Entrant” at prestigious International Auto Finance Awards, London, May 11, 2016

CleanCar is a UK developed tech solution that accurately informs motorists and fleet operators, based on their own ‘real world’ driving data, if going electric or hybrid is suitable for their transport needs and is a sound financial decision, or not!

The CleanCar platform and its dasboard reporting provides recommendations and suitability ratings for the most appropriate vehicle type that matches the ‘fit for purpose’ transport profile. CleanCar delivers a complete Total Cost of Ownership analysis to properly and accurately inform the investment for the consumer as well as Fleet operators who buy over 2m new vehicles every year in the UK.

This ‘real world’ drive data is measured by a self-fit GPS device that uses the 12v power socket (previously know as a cigarette lighter!) and a regular driving profile is then collected and analyzed. Reports are securely accessed on the Clean Car’s platform by the driver or Fleet management where C02 emission reductions are also calculated.

CleanCar will be developing additional value add features that includes bespoke reporting, power sharing schemes, charge point mapping plus a range of additional services aimed at the Fleet and business driver sector as well as the private motorist who is looking for a ‘cleaner’ and cost effective driving experience.

To expand in line with the expected huge growth of electric and hybrid vehicle uptake over the next couple of years, CleanCar will be raising additional funding in the coming weeks so do keep a watchful eye on our crowd funding announcements.


Recent surveys by DECC showed that 69% of new car purchasers last year did not even consider the electric or hybrid vehicle option due to lack of accurate advice and comparative data to make what is for most folks the second biggest financial decision after buying a Home.

Alex Baker, founder and MD at CleanCar in accepting the Award, said, “this is great news for the CleanCar team as it validates our belief that accurately informing the buying decision for the nascent electric and hybrid vehicle sector will greatly promote an increased uptake of electric and hybrid cars. That’s certainly good news for CO2 and noise reductions, its good news for lower running costs and less fossil fuel reliance and its great news for us as it puts CleanCar firmly on the map in the Auto tech world”.

New Entrant Award

This award is designed to recognise the retail auto finance company, motor finance company, broker, fleet leasing company or supplier to any of these businesses that has entered the Auto Finance market in the last two years and has really made its mark. The company does not need to be a new business: entries are accepted from companies that have operated in other industries for more than two years and that have diversified into the auto finance/fleet finance sector in the last two years.

About CleanCar

CleanCar informs the switchover decision-making process from petrol/diesel to electric or hybrid vehicles for the B2B Fleet/company car driver (but also the private motorist). It does this via a simple plug-in device that collects GPS data that is processed and analysed by the CleanCar platform which outputs a business case/ROI report with a suitability ranking (EV/PHEV or stay with petrol/diesel) plus recommends the ideal vehicle specification. SaaS model. V Cool tech. Real time data…Real savings…Real environmental impact with CO2 and noise pollution reduction REALLY measured! Game changer…Boom! Crowd funding very soon…www.cleancar.io

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