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Christmas – A time to reward

Christmas – A time to reward

Christmas is the season of giving and goodwill so if you are feeling in the festive spirit then why not reward your employees.

With the giving feeling at its PEAK it is the ideal time to give employees that feeling of self-worth and appreciation they have been looking for and ensure that they leave for their Christmas break with a positive feeling and return in the New Year with a optimistic outlook ready for the next year to come.

A Christmas reward could be incorporated into a sales incentive programme rewarding staff for targets achieved.  Or alternatively can be used within an employee engagement scheme, recognising and rewarding individual behaviour.

However, for the more traditional ways of rewarding employees there are of course the Hampers but be careful of dietary requirements (Sheila in accounts is lactose intolerant).



The standard bottle of wine is always a winner, mind you this is an option people will love and more than likely drink before they even get home!  Or even the Christmas Turkey, for tax purposes any gifts like these can be treated as trivial benefits on the basis that HMRC consider the amount of tax due as not ‘worth pursuing’.


Or there’s the Christmas party that you’ll now need to sign the policy and procedure documents before you attend (remember what happened last year!!).  This is not always a bad option as tax exemption exists if the cost per head does not exceed £150.

But being traditional is not always the best option.  In a recent survey carried out 62.8% of people said that ‘More Time’ would be the best present to receive from your employer for Christmas.

Here at Fleet Innovations we have the perfect solution for giving your employees more time and allowing you to rest easy over the holidays knowing that your mileage expenses will be HMRC compliant in 2015.

Our award winning PEAK GPS mileage capture system will reduce your employees mileage expenses claims from hours to only 6.2 minutes a month allowing them more time to do the things they love and enjoy.

And this Christmas we are offering a free bottle of wine with every £99 Trip Stick offer purchased in December.  So what better way to reward you employees than with a PEAK GPS Mileage Capture Trip Stick and a bottle of wine.

Happy Christmas! – For more details please contact me on 0845 600 6880 or email katie@fleetinnovations.com






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