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BAE Sytsems Case Study – CleanCar.io

BAE Sytsems Case Study – CleanCar.io


What follows is a quick case study about how CleanCar.io helped BAE Systems to transfer its vehicle technologies from Diesel Vans to the Nissan ENV200 all Electric Van.


BAE Systems had for some time recognised that it could be beneficial to switch some its vehicles in the Portsmouth naval base from diesel to electric.  The mileage the vehicles were undertaking seemed about right; the usage meant there were vehicles that suited requirements, and on the face of it, it appeared there could be some cost savings.  As with many businesses facing this choice, however, there were some unanswered questions that were preventing them from making the switch.  In other words, the decision to switch seemed a bit risky unless they could answer some of these burning questions.

The main questions that needed answering were:

  • Will electric vehicles be suitable for usage by our employees? Ie, if we switch, will this work?
  • We are considering the Nissan ENV 200, will it work for us?
  • We know we need charge points but how many do we need and where should we put them.
  • Will we save any money?

At CleanCar.io we were invited into the process by our partners and electric vehicle experts Lex Autolease.  They understood that we could help answer these questions by monitoring the driver’s usage and applying our algorithms to the data.


The process of analysing the BAE fleet was simple.  We sent out several GPS devices to drivers of vehicles (mainly diesel vans) who placed the devices in the 12v cigarette lighter socket of their vehicle and once in place drove about as normal.

We collected this data and compiled a report after one month of driving.  The report specifically answered the main questions fro which BAE wanted answers.  A further two months of driving was analysed, along with two more reports which helped to ratify the results From the initial report.

The data enabled us to create some heatmaps and analytics giving the answers to the questions.  Meaning that BAR could place their order for electric vehicles and chargers safe in the knowledge that the risk had ben reduced to a minimum.

The results:

The results were exceptional.  Don’t take our word for it, watch what Lex and BAE have to say in the videos below.


Find out more about how CleanCar works here:


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