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Fleet Innovations Investigate! Around the world in 32 hours! How does he do it?

Ever wonder how Father Christmas gets around the World to every single child in one night whilst keeping track of his mileage?

Our team at Fleet Innovations has figured it out and here is how he does it!

Santa has just 32 hours from starting in New Zealand to finishing in Samoa to get the job done.  Once the elves have double checked the naughty list thus removing an impressive 64,0624,827 children (Naughty list updated November 2014).  That leaves  700,000,000 children to get presents delivered to.  Assuming three children live per household and taking into consideration families joining together at their Grandparents house for the festive holidays, that’s 233,000,000 stops for Santa and his sleigh.

Each stop between households will be around 0.91 miles(1.47km) apart.  Therefore Santa will have to travel a total of 212,030,000 miles (342,510,000 km) in a total of 32 hours.  This equates to an impressive speed of 6,650,807.72 mph (10,703,437.5 km/hr) or a little under 1,800 miles per second.

Now taking all that into consideration and under normal circumstances Santa’s PA (Elf Bernard) has to do his business mileage claim taking him almost 8 months.  However, this year Fleet Innovations has come to his rescue and sent a special delivery of a PEAK Mileage Capture Trip Stick to the North Pole for Santa.  Elf Bernard will plug into the 12v in Santa’s sleigh and record his mileage the GPS way.  This years claim will now take just 5 minutes to complete allowing Elf Bernard to do what he loves doing – making toys.

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