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A Day in the life at Fleet Innovations- An outsider looking in

A Day in the life at Fleet Innovations- An outsider looking in

What better way to explain what a Day in the life of Fleet Innovations is like than to ask an outsider looking in. Our work experience student Alex Prescot is a very eager up and coming blogger and he wrote the following blog on ‘A Day in the Life at Fleet Innovations’ to explain what it really is like!

A Day in the Life by Alex Prescot

The stereotypical office is an unsavoury image of a mundane workplace, occupation entrapped workers selling their hours and sticking to a stale work-place routine.

A day in the life of an employee at Fleet Innovations completely obliterates the ideology that an office is a commonplace work environment. The unprecedented involvement in the workings of Fleet Innovations quickly displaces the mundanity of an office with the dynamic nature that a business is attentive to pursue.

The products in which Fleet Innovations work with are described with qualities that I have found parallel to the qualities of working within their team. For instance, their trip-stick is prided with the feature that there is no big-brother over watching everything they do. It was clear that the efficiency of the work done at Fleet is due to the self-motivation behind the business and the lack of a big-brother assists with the enablement of enjoy ability in partaking in the growth of their business as each role is of importance that other areas rely on.

I have recognised that an essential part of an office is the relationships between co-workers. Fleet Innovations undoubtedly has an effective team which emanate a friendly environment and drive behind the work they do. The tight-unit which makes up the employees at Fleet innovations leave an enjoy ability to the world of nine ‘till five work, instead of expecting to count down the hours, I found an enthusiasm towards being part of the work team.

Fleet Innovations certainly combines a professional, efficient working team with a pleasant and friendly group that displaces previous thoughts of an office – instead making it an admirable and successful work force that I now find myself striving towards.


Fleet Innovations is based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire they specialize in mileage capture solutions for individuals and companies that want to record their business mileage accurately and simply whilst being HMRC compliant. For more information on our products or to have a chat with one of our friendly team contact us on 0845 600 6880 or email info@fleetinnovations.com

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