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Mileage Expenses, HMRC Compliance and How to Avoid Costly Surprises.

Mileage Expenses, HMRC Compliance Did you know that one of new customers contacted us because an HMRC crackdown on mileage expenses cost them £34,000 per driver… If you have been reading any of the fleet and finance press you will have probably seen the various articles and features on the importance of accurate mileage expenses […]


Are you ready for another PEAK video?

A couple of months ago I sat down with one of our digital marketing apprentices, Alice Wilson to talk through some of our ideas and strategies for the coming weeks. Alice had seen all the videos that we had done before and said she had an idea for another one.  Alice explained the concept, and […]


Advisory Fuel Rates are changing from the 1st of June 2017.

There has been an update to the HMRC Advisory fuel rates (AFR) for next quarter (1st June) As of the 1st of June, there will be one change to the AFR to the petrol engine vehicles above 2000cc from 22p to 21p. Please see full AFR rate that take effect on the 1st June 2017 […]


BAE Sytsems Case Study – CleanCar.io

Overview What follows is a quick case study about how CleanCar.io helped BAE Systems to transfer its vehicle technologies from Diesel Vans to the Nissan ENV200 all Electric Van. Intro: BAE Systems had for some time recognised that it could be beneficial to switch some its vehicles in the Portsmouth naval base from diesel to […]


HMRC – Advisory fuel rates are changing from March 1st 2017.

HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates – HMRC have made changes to their “Advisory Fuel Rates”. The changes to the AFR will be enforced from the 1st of March 2017, every driver needs to be aware of these changes, while claiming their mileage in March and thereafter! What ratings the HMRC have changed? The HMRC have changed […]


Busy life, spend too much time traveling? We can help…

Busy life? Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Ever wonder how it got like this? Does everyone you know seem to be busier these days? Well we can’t help with the last two but we can help ease the pain of a busy life, by removing a bit of hassle […]


The Benefits of PEAK Mileage Capture to Drivers!

Do you regularly drive to meetings or drive for business reasons? If the answer is yes, then read on. At PEAK, we know that our GPS mileage expenses devices save a lot of time for people just like you, every single day. Long journeys, busy days, traffic issues, phone calls etc.  The last thing you […]


Accurate Mileage Expenses.

Making life simpler. For a large proportion of UK businesses and employees, mileage expenses are a necessary pain in the neck.  They are an essential part of your business records but completing them and ensuring accuracy is tedious and it takes time.  Fortunately, there is a system out there that does all this for you. […]


Quick Overview of PEAK Mileage to a Driver.

Are you a driver thinking of using the PEAK system? Our PEAK system and GPS devices save a lot of time for drivers reducing claim time by an average 95% Long journeys and busy days’ and manual mileage claims do not go well together. You don’t have time, you forget where you have been and […]


Mileage made easier, find out how!

How PEAK Miles Automated Mileage Expenses Makes a Busy Life Just a Little Bit Easier. Are you fed up of doing your mileage manually? Does your mileage take hours to do every month? Have you got things to be doing other than your mileage at the end of the month? If you have answered any […]


Mileage Expenses and Tax – Quick Summary

Mileage Expenses and Tax HMRC wants to ensure that all companies and individuals in the UK pay the correct and appropriate amount of Taxes. Mileage is generally paid to an employee free of tax or national insurance. If a driver has over-estimated business mileage, then payments have been made without tax that should have incurred […]

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